Monday, 24 November 2014

Why does this happen to me?

Ever since I started getting better at photography, and more recently started creating fine art images, it has been hard for me to promote my work to people for fear that I might sound too presumptuous. There are times I wish I could write about my work and promote it all over the appropriate channels but when I start writing, that fear sets in and I get "writers block" or even worse, I get anxiety and can't think properly, so I end up procrastinating and forgetting about it. I believe my work is qualified and up to par with other top artists in the world, and I have been reassured of that by all the great feedback I have been getting from fellow artists and photographers, but that fear is always present. has a great article on "Fear Of Success". Their article is related to fear of accepting higher positions in the workplace but some of the points are applicable to my situation. Experiencing some of these thoughts or fears, might mean you have a fear of success on some level: - You don't tell others about your accomplishments. - You avoid bigger projects, especially projects that could lead to recognition. - You sabotage your own work or dreams by convincing yourself that you're not good enough. - You believe that if you do achieve success, you won't be able to sustain it. So why bother? Lately, I have been developing a need to express my thoughts on my life and artwork, in writing. I still have a lot to learn about writing, I was never good at essays in school, and English is my second language, but I will do my best to make it interesting. As they say, the worst part is starting. I will leave you now with an image of my latest artwork available now at Fine Art America and if you like it, consider telling friends and family.

Eduardo Tavares  

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