Saturday, 23 March 2013

Dancing to music from Alem-Mar

Although this is a very rough edit I have decided to post it anyway. I had some issues with focusing some times and because I was very close to one of the speakers, the sound is  distorted in some spots. Well, next time I will bring the correct video equipment.
I would like to thank again the boys from Alem-Mar and hope to have more chances to photograph and video them.
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Thursday, 21 March 2013

Imperio Sao Joao - Cambridge

Having a natural need to challenge myself often, makes difficult lighting situations in venues such as concerts and parties a great way to practice my photography skills in low light which in turn also apply to wedding photography.

Last Saturday, March 16th, Lisa and I went to the Portuguese Club in Cambridge, Ontario, for the second time and we convinced her dad to come along with his girlfriend. It was the first time for them at a portuguese party but they really enjoyed the food and had a blast dancing. 

The event was put on by the “Imperio de Sao Joao” and there was a small pageant show in the middle of the evening, showing off clothing supplied by “Le Chateau” and at the end of the show the “mordomos” crowned the new Queen and Princesses of the imperio.

The music was provided by the popular portuguese band from London, ON “Alem-Mar” which we had the pleasure to sit with at the same table. Three of the members, Tony, Henry and Kevin Medeiros are cousins of the members of the band 4+1 from Povoacao, in Sao Miguel. In the 80’s, my band “The Kids”, from Ponta Delgada and 4+1 played several gigs together.

Bellow are a couple of my favorite photos of the band Alem-Mar, on Saturday.