Thursday, 11 June 2015

Check out my new design

New design I just launched on my store. Painted by hand on the computer!

Check it out... Available on many products from pillows to table lamps!

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Nature Takes Over...

Happy New Year everyone. Hope you all had a great holiday season. I know I did!
I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone that supported me and my artwork, making 2014 one of my best years. It was a year of hard work and learning a lot of new photography, art and processing techniques and practicing them to find my style, and also update and learn the business side of things, which is the most important when you do photography and art full time.

I can't wait for what 2015 has in store for me and my art and I can say that some really exciting projects are planed for a very near future. More on that latter...

Conceptual photographic artwork has always fascinated me and it pleases a lot to say that my first upload of 2015 to my gallery in Fine Art America is featured now in 3 of the highest art groups in FAA.
Nature Takes Over Man-Made was a concept I had in my mind since capturing the tree shot when on my last visit to the island of Sao Miguel in the Azores islands. Funny thing is, this is the island I was born at but I had never been to the Furnas Garden during my 30 years of living in the island until I migrated to Canada. The tree is very old and sits on a earth embankment with half of its roots exposed.

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Tuesday, 23 December 2014

2014 In Review

2014 In Review - I've created a small video slideshow with some of my favourite iPhone photos on Instagram. I really enjoyed discovering how I progressed in iphoneography and how it related to different events in my life.
Hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed creating it. Cheers!!! PS: (it's only 2:42 minutes long)
If you like the video please consider subscribing for more videos in the near future!

Sunday, 30 November 2014


1st Place WINNER!!!! I'm psyched to find out that my image "Canadian Aboriginal Man", bellow won 1st place in "Behind The Door", a juried contest hosted by, a Virtual Online Gallery. My image will be displayed in the virtual gallery for at least 30 days, along with marvellous artwork from other amazing artists from around the world.

I feel honoured to have been picked to win from almost 700 entries. Woohoo!!! Congratulations go out to the second and third places as well as all the runners up.

This image has won now 1st and 2nd place prizes and has given me confidence to keep creating the type of artwork that I love.

Eduardo Tavares

Monday, 24 November 2014

Why does this happen to me?

Ever since I started getting better at photography, and more recently started creating fine art images, it has been hard for me to promote my work to people for fear that I might sound too presumptuous. There are times I wish I could write about my work and promote it all over the appropriate channels but when I start writing, that fear sets in and I get "writers block" or even worse, I get anxiety and can't think properly, so I end up procrastinating and forgetting about it. I believe my work is qualified and up to par with other top artists in the world, and I have been reassured of that by all the great feedback I have been getting from fellow artists and photographers, but that fear is always present. has a great article on "Fear Of Success". Their article is related to fear of accepting higher positions in the workplace but some of the points are applicable to my situation. Experiencing some of these thoughts or fears, might mean you have a fear of success on some level: - You don't tell others about your accomplishments. - You avoid bigger projects, especially projects that could lead to recognition. - You sabotage your own work or dreams by convincing yourself that you're not good enough. - You believe that if you do achieve success, you won't be able to sustain it. So why bother? Lately, I have been developing a need to express my thoughts on my life and artwork, in writing. I still have a lot to learn about writing, I was never good at essays in school, and English is my second language, but I will do my best to make it interesting. As they say, the worst part is starting. I will leave you now with an image of my latest artwork available now at Fine Art America and if you like it, consider telling friends and family.

Eduardo Tavares  

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Sunday, 16 November 2014

Giving back - Monthly Free Artwork