Tuesday, 23 April 2013

ET Photography's future home

Hello everyone!

MaryLisa and I are very exited with the opportunity to start our own photography studio here in Woodstock at an amazing location, the old "Juliana" bar and grill.

This building is being transformed into a unique concept market and will open in June under the name "Canadian City Mart". MaryLisa and I are the project managers for the owner of the building and are currently looking for upscale vendors.

MaryLisa was interviewed yesterday by the local radio station Heart FM 104.7 and they have also published the article on their website today, here is a link to the article:


Monday, 15 April 2013

Featured Image

Found out today that one of my images is being featured in two Fine Art America Groups - "Square Format" and "Photography and Textures Make Fine Art", I am totally stoked. A big thank you to the administrators of the groups.

Here is the image:

This image and many others are available for sale on my Fine Art website at: http://eduardo-tavares.artistwebsites.com

There is a money back-guarantee and it ships in 3 to 4 days. Check it out!

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Fine Art Photography

Some of you might know by now that besides people photography (wedding and portrait), I love doing Fine Art photography which involves a lot of creativity. Taking the photograph is only the beginning, all the work that is done after in post-processing using the computer and specialized software is the actual (fine art).

For my workflow I use Lightroom 4 (where I manage all my photo libraries and do my basic editing), Photoshop CS6 and NIK software complete collection.

I love taking a photo and transforming it into my vision and interpretation of the scene I see, that might involve blending pictures together or using textures.

Here is my most viewed image for sale:

Vintage Ford Car

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Baby photo session Saturday

Lisa and I are very exited for the opportunity to photograph Avery this Saturday. Avery is Rick and Sherry's granddaughter and was born on the first week of February 2013. Congratulations to the grandparents and parents.

The photo session is going to be at their place, which we prefer since the baby will be more comfortable, and usually there are more options as far as props. Baby photos can be challenging and take a few hours but the results are beautiful memories that the family will treasure for life.

Capturing details is important and part of a baby's photo session,  here is a photo we love doing;

Looking forward to meet Avery and having fun photographing her. We will post photos the week after the shoot.